Professional Architect and Designer

My philosophy

"Over these past several years, I have dedicated my effort to become a professional designer, student, and researcher to explore the potential that the built environment can have in achieving a sustainable future. To accomplish that, I believe one must have the ability to analyse and control the physical phenomena on buildings which in turn impacts the building efficiency, aesthetic value, and the occupants inside.
For me, “passion for design” means able to enjoy the process of creating, innovating, and finding solutions to problems. Passion for design also means that sound knowledge and great techniques will be nothing without enjoying the process."

My Interest

Technology Digital Painting 3D Modelling
The use of technology such as Unreal Engine, Unity, and collaboration between specialists to produce a great 2D and 3D environment inspired me so much as an architect. I have always fancy drawing. I have been drawing since I was a child. Although it sounds stereotypical, it is one of the reasons why I chose architecture as my major. Architecture can not be separated from the CG Industry. I have been exploring methods in 3D modeling and learning new exciting things along the way.



The University of Sydney

Master of Architectural Science
Jan 2017- Apr 2019

The field of Architectural Science is enjoying rapid and exciting technological innovations. With extensive experience analysing and controlling the physical phenomena affecting buildings, practitioners of Architectural Science have a profound impact on the function, aesthetics and efficiency of architectural spaces.

Sydney, Australia

Tarumanagara University

Bachelor of Architecture
Aug 2008- Aug 2012

The foundational education in architecture where I learned about architectural design, construction method, and 3D modeling.

Jakarta, Indonesia


Park + Associates

Architectural Designer
Jun 2021- current
  • Design residential project including GCB (Good Class Bungalow) in compliance with local building regulations and codes
  • Developing drawings for Urban Redevelopment Authority submission
  • Developing 3D model and client presentation
Singapore (remote)

SEED Architects

Architectural Designer
Aug 2019- Jun 2021
  • Developing architecture and interior design from Schematic Design, Design Development, until Construction Drawing
  • Designing with compliance with local building regulations and codes
  • Competing in national and international architecture competitions which involves 3D modeling, layouting, graphs, and architectural presentations
Jakarta, Indonesia

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) - Australian Embassy

Property Management Staff (Intern)
Jun 2019- Aug 2019
  • Designing layout for functions within the embassy
  • Conducting inventory management and property inspections with VCU (Visit Coordinator Unit)
  • Developing fact sheets for DFAT assets including the waste management
  • Assisting the periodical Work Health and Safety Inspection Checklist of the building
Jakarta, Indonesia

PHL Architects

May 2013- Jun 2016
  • Lead projects in mixed-use planning and hospitality design
  • Competed in National and International Competitions for architecture and urban planning
  • Coordinated design with team, usually consist of 3 to 4 people per team and organised work schedule for the team to ensure the workload are evenly shared and the works are done accordingly with the schedule
  • Developed design from Schematic Design, Design Development, until Construction Drawing (exterior and interior) Coordinated design with clients and other consultants, including Mechanical Electrical Plumbing, Structural Engineer, Commercial Marketing, and QS while also arranged regular meeting and on-site meeting
  • Delivered presentations to the local government and other related governmental bodies for the projects, including to gain land use permit
Jakarta, Indonesia

Airmas Asri

Junior Architect
Jan 2013- Mar 2013
  • Created schematic design documents for the mixed-use building in Jakarta
  • Coordinated the design with the team and to the Design Manager
  • Attended regular meeting with Structure Engineer and Mechanical Electrical Plumbing (MEP) Consultant
Jakarta, Indonesia

Summarecon Agung

Junior Architect (Intern)
Jun 2011- Oct 2011
  • Assisted Senior Architect in reviewing hardware supply and site supervision
  • Assisted Civil Engineer in site supervision and construction documentation
Jakarta, Indonesia


Architectural Design
2D Design and video editing
3D Modelling

Awards & Honours

  • Australian Institute of Building NSW Chapter President's Award    |The University of Sydney | recipient | 2019
  • Dean's List of Excellence in Academic Performance 2018   |The University of Sydney | recipient | 2019
  • Jacques Rougerie International Competition Finalist   |The University of Sydney | recipient | 2019
  • Dean's List of Excellence in Academic Performance 2017   |The University of Sydney | recipient | 2018
  • David Rowe Memorial Price in Building Services   |The University of Sydney | recipient | 2018
  • Australia Awards Scholarship    | recipient | 2016
  • World Architecture Festival 2014 Singapore Shortlisted   |With PHL Architects | recipient | 2014
  • 2nd Place Equator Monument Competition   |With PHL Architects | recipient | 2013
  • Faculty highest GPA Tarumagara University   |Tarumanagara University | recipient | 2012
  • Tarumagara University Senior Year Scholarship   |Tarumanagara University | recipient | 2011

  • Architectural Projects

    UI/UX Projects